Social trading

At Tradeo, our motto is ‘Trade social, trade better’.

We truly believe that when you combine the experience and knowledge of many traders, you are more likely to beat the financial markets and achieve trading success.

Social trading is suitable for both novice and experienced traders. Novice traders get the opportunity to learn from others and can auto-copy top traders, while seasoned traders can boost their trading skills by observing and mimicking the strategies of other traders. By exposing our traders of all levels of experience to the most current market events and allowing them to discuss these changes in the market, we are able to assist all traders in the Tradeo community. To top it off, the diversity of this trading community ensures that our clients are constantly exposed to a stream of trading ideas, which the whole network is able to benefit from.

Auto copy traders

Tradeo social trading platform enables traders to observe profitable traders and auto-copy their trades. You also have the flexibility to make changes to the copied trades, enabling you to be in full control of your trading portfolio. To help diversify your portfolio, you can select several traders to copy or you can use their trading skills to build your own trading strategy.

View Statistics

The Tradeo interface allows for in depth analysis of traders’ statistics. Before making an investment, you have clear insight into a trader’s skills and trading strategies.

Execute signals

Traders are able to execute trading signals which identify trading opportunities in the markets on Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and CFDs on Cryptocurrencies. All real-time signals are free and are available on the Tradeo trading platform.

Discuss strategies & markets

We expose our traders of all levels of experience to the most current market events and allow them to discuss the changes in the market so we can assist all traders in the Tradeo community.

The above is provided only for information purposes and does not constitute a recommendation for buying or selling of any financial instruments.